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In this digital age, websites often serve as your church’s first impression. Potential guests may never get to see your gorgeous building or witness your uplifting services if they aren’t first impressed by your online presence. 

It’s understandable that as a pastor, you may be more focused on spreading the good news than garnering Google views. But a strong website can have a huge impact on your impact, and improvements don’t have to be expensive! Here are some quick tips for keeping your website modern, accurate, and appealing: 

Be Careful With Dates

You’ll likely want to avoid including date-specific content on the main page of your church website. This will help eliminate the need for frequent updates and reduce the chances of your visitors encountering irrelevant information. 

When you do want to include the concrete dates of events, services, or cancellations, make sure you keep track of where they are. Create digital or physical reminders on a calendar of when these dates will have passed. That way, you’ll never miss an update and your website will stay up-to-date!

Keep Colors and Fonts Under Control

It can certainly be fun to experiment with many bright colors and crazy fonts, but things can get out of hand quickly. Do your best to stick to one or two clear, fonts. For colors, it’s usually safe to design a theme centered around three hues. 

Consistency in this area can increase the strength and visibility of your brand. Too much variation can have one’s eyes jumping from place to place. Viewers will take in a lot less information and — before you know it — they may jump right off your page.  

Utilize Pictures — Don’t Get Too Text-Heavy

Take advantage of your beautiful church campus by incorporating images into your church website. Make sure that these pictures are recent, as they will also help your digital visitors to more easily picture themselves at one of your services. 

Though we’re sure you have a wealth of valuable information to share, make sure not to dump too much text in one place. This can get overwhelming and will result in skimming or skipping altogether. Try to keep paragraphs short, and have main pages link to more detailed information in separate menus. 

Check Up on Your Links

Every once in awhile, it’s a good idea to perform a “link audit” on your website. Explore any and all internal or external links to ensure that they are: 

  • Unbroken/not corrupted
  • Secure
  • Leading to correct and up-to-date information

This will prevent frustration for your website’s users and allow for further exploration into all of your church’s offerings. 

Ready to stand out in your community with your church website?

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