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Your domain name is more than just a home for your website. Choosing the right one is important when it comes to standing out in your community. 

Here are a few things to consider when choosing your domain name. 

A Domain Name Adds Credibility

Having a custom domain adds credibility to your ministry. When publishing your site through a website builder, your domain could look like this: Having a generic domain such as this does not help your brand stand out or inspire confidence in your guests. 

A Domain Name Builds Your Brand

As a ministry, it is just as important for your brand to have an image. Your goal as a ministry is to build awareness of Christ and His love. If your domain name matches your ministry name than it will help your community remember you easier. 

A Domain Name Can Impact Your SEO Efforts

When someone in your community searches for a church in their area and they see a domain like the above example, it may lead to fewer clicks which in turn will lead to fewer visits. Your domain name is not the only factor in SEO, but it does play a role in it. When you have the right domain name, it can help you target the right audience and bump up your search engine placement.

I hope this short list helps you when choosing a new domain name. Not sure where to start? Let Engage help you out. We can give you some recommendations and help you get your new domain name registered. We look forward to helping you stand out.