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Standing out in a world that’s inundated with media can be tough. Google is the largest search engine in the world, and it holds about 93% of the market. There are approximately 70,000 searches on Google every second; which means, there are around 5.8 million searches per day and the average person performs 3-4 searches per day (source: Hubspot)

So how do you, as a church, get your name at the top of the world’s largest search engine? 

Thankfully you don’t have to. Because you are a local church, you only have to focus on your community, which will have a significantly less search volume. Here are three reasons why you need local SEO.

Before I get into the three reasons why you need local SEO, let’s take a second to define what that is. Local SEO or Local Search Engine Optimization helps you show up when someone searches for a specific keyword, and it is location-based.

It’s Important

You may be thinking, that is not much of a reason, but let me tell you why it is. A study conducted by Forbes states that 95% of smartphone users have used their device to perform local searches, out of which 61% called the business, and 59% visited. 

When someone opens up google, they are in “I’m ready” mode. A typical search that is performed by someone looking up a church in their area is churches near me. That is why local SEO is so vital for any church. Your church is local, and your audience needs to find you. Every community has several churches, and if you are not focusing on your local SEO, you could be missing out on potential guests. 

It Gives Users the Information They Need

When someone is looking for a church, they want to know who they are. Local SEO will help you accomplish this so that your potential guests can see the critical information right in the search results. 

The more information someone has about your church, the more trustworthy you are in their eyes. Local SEO, when done right, will drive people’s decisions to be in favor of your church. Building relationships is what it’s all about, and local SEO will help lay the foundation.

SERP. What is that?

SERP or search engine results page is the page that services, like Google, display after searches are performed. 

No two SERPs are the same. These pages are personalized for each user. That is why you will sometimes see different search results when searching on different devices or from separate locations. 

So why is this on the list of reasons why you need local SEO? The goal with local SEO is to rank organically on the SERP. The higher on the SERP you are, the more clicks you’ll get. Heres a breakdown of the results page.

As you can see in the graph above, the CTR or click-through rate for position #1 is 32.15%, position #2 is 16.6%, and position #3 is 10.27%. The farther down you go, the fewer clicks you will get. This data is based on millions of keywords and is location-specific by searches like, near me or in a specific city taken from March 2020.


Your denomination, while important, is not the only thing bringing people to your church. The average person may not even know the difference between denominations. 

But the average person does know how to search for churches near them. If you are not using the tools available to rank higher on the SERP, then you are likely missing out on connections in your community. 

Local SEO is something that every church needs to stand out in their communities. 

Not sure where to start with local SEO? Here at Engage, we can optimize your site to help you stand out in your community.